2020 California Journalism Award Recipient

Nevada Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts grant recipient.

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 Clients include tech companies, financial institutions, media outlets, and non-profit organizations


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M I C H E L L E   F.   G A R T N E R

As an award-winning journalist and accomplished technical writer, Michelle maintains a deep understanding of how a reader interacts with the written word. She utilized this understanding to write stories, case studies, white papers, and technical communications. Her words were used to create the entire user experience for over 100 applications and websites.

Michelle can take very technical jargon and engineering speak, complex workflows or transactions, and translate them for a variety of circumstances allowing her to target a story to any audience.

Through over 25 years of experience, Michelle has told the story of a company, product, or service through words and graphic images. Today technology and ingenuity enable a user to interact with these stories creating a unique experience every time. By creating an experience that invokes a user to interact with a story a company that is a good listener will become better at what they do and the reader will be empowered by the experience. 

Michelle’s passion is to create thought-provoking experiences that invoke curiosity and invite exploration.


Specialties: Storytelling, journalism, communications, case studies, white papers, workflow design, technical writing, and training material.


Shawn Underwood 


Director of Business


Intel Corporation

Michelle is a goal-oriented producer of a wide variety of content. In addition to simply writing copy, brochures or white papers, her experience in producing rich media content enables her to take a broad view of what's being produced and make it adaptable for use in many environments. She comes up to speed quickly on technical issues, and works well with product development teams to develop messaging and material that's relevant to the target market.


Kevin Ring

Senior Marketing



Michelle was excellent. Creative and knowledgeable she helped us when we didn't have a direction and got things done. I really liked her enthusiasm and energy. We couldn't have done our site refresh without her. I would be more than privileged to work with her again any time.


Sky Runser 


Partner at Ilima Partners

Marketing and


Having Michelle on your team or involved in any project is always a good thing. She not only covers the 'table stakes' of being really sharp, talented, knowledgeable and team-goal focused, but she's REALLY a pleasure to work with personally. And in this day and age that counts for a lot. She has an especially good way of introducing alternative ideas in discussions that cause people to brainstorm rather than bicker. Just a great add to the equation.


Karen Gauthier


Head of Products

Red Giant Software

Michelle worked on a very complex project and brought order to a very unstructured team right away. She was able to take a product and business concept and turn them into detailed workflows and specification documents. She impressed me with how quickly she was able to come up to speed on a project that was already under way with international developers and a virtual team. Her passion and dedication were much appreciated!


Hollister Barker


Senior Manager, Marketing Capabilities and Brand Immersion Program at Whirlpool Corporation

As a Consultant, Michelle is 100% invested. She is creative, risk-taking and demonstrates integrity, even when that means being challenged by peers and/or leadership. With Michelle working on your projects, the best-interests of the business are always put first and foremost. Michelle is also resourceful when she needs answers and versatile in her communication style, especially when working with cross-functional team members. She is always quick to offer recommendations on how business practices can be improved or simplified to achieve greater results. Michelle exudes confidence and is easy to work; it would be a pleasure to work with her again in the future.


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